Cem Ofset, a credible company of Turkish printing industry, is enjoying its improvement and success. Cem Ofset, founded in 1979 and been carried successfully since then, has always been producing the best and the most qualified ones and thus has adopted the principle of being useful to our country and people. A great progress in a short time and the prestige achieved make all Cem Ofset offices proud. We are proud of our knowledge, experience, employees and works. As a result of a great effort and success; Cem Ofset has become the first in the sector by building estates for its employees and building schools; and it has also proved that it has an international competition power thanks to the awards it has earned abroad and within the country as well as its annually paid high taxes. Our philosophy is to form the opportunities that will not make us long for the past or that will make us worry about the future as well as to target the best, to achieve the best and to please the customer by providing the most perfect one. What we have achieved shall be the criterion for what we could achieve. I believe that we shall have many achievements with the successful managers, young, talent and expert team of Cem Ofset.

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